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One-Stop Destination to pass your FE 🙂

Rated 5 out of 5
August 18, 2021

Kenza has come up with the best approach of teaching everyone through the pre-recorded videos. I started with the Statics course as it is the basics of Civil Engineering (especially Structural Engineering) and solved the problems on my own by pausing the videos which let me attempt the problem and once I watched the solution, I knew where I was lagging. I approached the same way with the Morning + Afternoon Bundle which is the most important material for the FE and at that moment all I needed to do was to focus and concentrate on different types of questions. I was slow initially but as I progressed with the rest of the course, I picked up speed and gained a lot of confidence. I have re-watched the whole course once again before my test which was really helpful for my preparation. This is the best course that I have ever had and have blindly followed all of the material without deviating into any other course material. I would highly recommend this course!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I had taken the NCEES practice exam two days before my actual test due to the time crunch. So, all my preparations were only based on Kenza’s videos. So, I solely attribute this course material. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this 🙂

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Shravya Anipindi

Great Insights!! I highly reccomend.

Rated 5 out of 5
August 17, 2021

The insight that Kenza gives into the concepts is critical. Her fast method of analyzing trusses is worth the price alone for the statics course. I had previously failed 2 times and realized I didn’t have a solid grasp on the basics. Kenza’s course helped me fill that gap. The example problems for other areas of the test were great too. The advice she gives about prep is crucial. The keys for me were getting a solid understanding of the concepts. Learning how to quickly navigate the FE book is key. Pull up the pdf and use it for all your practice problems with the search (CTRL+F). Test your self frequently. Take two to three or more full practice exams timed and try to replicate the test setting. Stamina is another thing. Building up the endurance to concentrate for five and a half hours is another key. Stay far away from PPI courses. They are absolutely terrible and all the questions on PPI are unrealistic and not like the exam questions whatsoever. I failed twice while purchasing the expensive PPI course twice. My levels on the FE were way below average for every subject. Thanks for your help Kenza for your amazing course !!

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Robert M Martinez

The best course to pass your FE!!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 11, 2021

This is by far the best course. Kenza walks you through the basics of all the fundamentals of engineering. Easy to follow and the way she reinforces the concept is excellent. Would 100% recommend taking this course.

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Great program! It's like having a personal tutor.

Rated 5 out of 5
August 8, 2021

I’ve put off this test for too long, I told myself 2021 is the year and now I passed! I’m 42, married with 3 kids, and work full time. Time is precious, the morning and afternoon courses are well worth the investment! This course is organized, you can see your progress, the videos are very well explained, and you will be a better engineer through the process. This course will save you time by focusing your study and teaching you better study habits. Follow the steps, put in the time, and it will pay off.

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Dave Johnson

The Best FE Course in the market!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
August 5, 2021

I graduated back in 2010, then I started my journey with FE exam on 2015. I used several study materials, books, courses that I paid a lot of money throughout the past 6 years. I’ve had failed the exam 5 times, but for my 6th time it’s when I used Kenza’ s course FE morning. The FE exam today is not the same as it was years ago, and all these companies that offers the best courses, in fact it is not true, they are be very old materials, and boring lectures not updated.
I started watch enGENIEer videos on YouTube, and immediately told myself, this is the real deal for the FE! The same FE type questions, the explanation with concepts is the best. For Anyone that had been out of the college, or graduated long time ago this is the best refresh and study course to pass the FE. I bought the course in May 2021 and studied for 2 months and so, and at the end of July learned all the concepts and critical steps to tackle any problem.
PLEASE DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY FOR ANY OTHER COURSE OTHER THIS. I can guarantee that with this course and great effort from your part you will succeed. The best I’ve made was buying this course.

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Aldo De Leon

This review is all you need to pass the FE

Rated 5 out of 5
July 10, 2021

I graduated back in 2013 from civil engineering.
I bought the PPI FE review in February 2020 and took my exam in October 2020 and failed by a lot. Then I bought Kenza FE (Accelerator Bundle) review in December 2020 I didn’t use any other book or material other than this review and practice exams that she recommends. I went from failed all the subjects in my first attempt to pass the exam in my second attempt with just this review. 200% satisfaction

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Harry Rivera

Passing FE Exam

Rated 5 out of 5
June 15, 2021

Kenza was remarkably caring about my success. That was clear from our first meeting in Los Angeles. I feel like I was losing a close friend after I watched her videos and passed the exam. I have already recommended this course to 5 colleagues that have also appreciated it as much as I have. Beneficial test-taking tips and strategies are provided. Test-oriented lectures helped boil down the material into what you need to know for the exam. I felt that Kenza and her group were highly open to questions and further resources if required. She was also available via email and texts at any time and always replied immediately.

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Mehrnoosh Arabestani

Highly Recommend this course!

Rated 5 out of 5
June 2, 2021

I finished my undergrad studies in Mechanical Engineering 9 years ago and thought it was impossible to relearn the topics and some new topics to pass the Civil FE but this course made it possible. Kenza breaks down the topics in ways that are easy to learn and gives amazing tips on studying. I highly recommend the course to everyone! I work full time and have two kids and was able to do it with the help of this course! Don’t give up, the right study material is here!

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Elizabeth Rodriguez

"Best Among the Rest"

Rated 5 out of 5
June 1, 2021

After graduating 4 years ago, I never thought starting studying for the FE was going to be this much fun. I enjoyed every minute of it because you made the materials so understandable. Not only is getting the answers right a good feeling but understanding why I got those answers was even a greater feeling. Thank you guys so much for the time and efforts you put into this and will recommend this to anyone who needs to take the FE or needs a refresher. Thanks again and God bless you all.

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Harry P. III

Great courses and great motivation

Rated 5 out of 5
May 30, 2021

Being out of college for 20 years, there was a lot I had to relearn. Kenza and the enGENIEer team helped to get me started on the journey. Kenza took time herself to call me and coach me to come up with a plan. Kenza is very motivating and understanding. The enGENIEer team is very responsive. Thanks to the team for getting me started. I passed the FE Mechanical on May 21st. This was my third attempt. I took both the Statics and Morning Accelerator Class(previously FE Bytes). They helped me to get a foundation built. Thanks again!!!

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Tory Tingen

I can’t thank Kenza enough for the support she provided me during my FE prep, I tried Testmaster and School of PE but nothing compares to Kenza class, you can see how caring she’s about her students, the fact she asked me to pushed my test little further to make sure I’m ready for the test, made all the different. that little coaching that I was missing in my previous tries. She was calling me and texting to make sure I’m on the right track to pass the test. Thank you Kenza for your dedication and support, you the best.

After failing multiple times I was at a crossroads. I was starting to doubt myself; my self-confidence with the material was low. Much of the material I had forgotten or simply did not learn properly in college. As soon as I started the statics course I knew I was on the right path. I had tried 2 different courses before with no success; I’ve tried studying by myself, with other people, and still could not pass. I was just trying to review as much as I could by myself. In reality I was not retaining the concepts. I needed some type of guidance. Previous courses did not work for me because they would take a different approach to teaching, made problems way more difficult, went too much out of the way for the corresponding test disciplines, skipped solution steps, and/or had a due date on how long you could use their material. I was laid off due to the pandemic, so at the same time I realized it was a good time to focus on the test again, and take advantage to devote myself to the test for a few months. 

Once I found Kenza, I liked the problems I watched on her YouTube channel. Kenza goes over the problems without skipping steps where many other courses do, she knows many of us have forgotten math concepts over the years, she goes the extra mile and from a student’s perspective she understands how many of us feel when getting ready for the exam. Kenza understands that a lot of times doing that extra step it is the difference from understanding a concept and doing problems correctly. Sometimes she would go back to review Math concepts where other courses or Professors just assume that you know or remember how to do it. Her material is just centered around the test and nothing more. She doesn’t throw problems or subjects that wouldn’t be in the test. The problems are FE level, enough to make you understand and enough to challenge you. I would recommend both the FE Bytes and the statics course. If you are taking the civil FE remember that quite a few of the courses rely on having a strong statics base like Mechanics of Materials, Fluids, Statics, and Structures. I can’t thank her enough for having that Statics course and building my confidence once again. It seems like a lot of work, but it doesn’t compare to going into the test knowing you have a fair shot at passing. After failing the exam multiple times, I learned that I needed to work on having a planned studying schedule, better time management when taking the test, and controlling my testing anxiety. By understanding and reviewing and practicing the concepts that come along with doing the problems helps you overcome many of those things. Knowing the handbook is something that comes along with a lot of practice and a lot of problems. This course has a lot of problems, the more you do, the more confident you feel along the way. Many people trying to pass the exam work a lot, travel, have family, many of us get discouraged when getting stuck in problems and stop studying, that happened to me many times. 

Having Kenza and Praneetha answer your questions helps you keep going, makes you feel like a one on one tutoring. She also has a lot of afternoon problems on her YouTube channel. Having a good start in the morning part is very important for how the exam plays out. No doubt in my mind that this is going to be the best overall FE Civil course once she introduces the afternoon portion. Not only does she help you feel confident, but she also tries to motivate students through e-mails and the Facebook group. She helps you with scheduling tips, managing your studies, in a great positive manner. The Facebook group also has nice people trying to get to the same goal, many of them also help you with questions and recommend you material for the afternoon section. Remember that you have to put in the work, when you decide to start studying for this exam, do not look back, and do not stop until you are finished with the course and the rest of your material. Do not compare yourself to others, if it takes you 1, 3 or 6 months to study, do what’s best for you. Like Kenza mentions often “Be honest with yourself”, “Study quality over quantity” even if it’s one problem a day, instead of doing many and not fully understanding. Know what works for you, evaluate where you need help, and work at it, ask questions, plan ahead, be consistent with your studies and eventually you will pass.

 If you take this course seriously and make an honest attempt at the problems before looking at the solutions, there is nothing that will surprise you on test day.


TRUST THE PROCESS!! Coming from someone that graduated 10 years ago as an average student, who has not been working in the Civil Engineering Industry for over 8 years and who has taken two (2) different review courses – TAKE THIS COURSE and Trust in Kenza.  I cannot put into words how this course and Kenza have changed my life (but I will try).


They say it is the third time a charm.  After failing twice, once after my junior year and once after graduating, I am positive that Kenza and her course is the only reason I passed.  I was extremely anxious and worried to start this process all over again 10 years later.  It constantly tested my patience, motivation and drive.  It was a long process but taking this course was the best decision I made.  I originally started my FE journey using another course but due to the coronavirus my exam was pushed back another 3 months which turned out to be a blessing.  Not feeling prepared at all from the first course I spent some time on Youtube trying to teach myself the material and came across Kenza and her courses.


I spent 6 months studying but that was not my original plan.  During the first course (first 3 months) I was spending 20-30 hours a week studying the course material and teaching myself what the class did not.  This number dropped drastically to 15 hours a week with Kenza’s course.   Her course teaches you the fundamental steps needed to solve any problem so I did not have to spend additional time filling in any knowledge gaps for each topic. She broke down each step so clearly which allowed me to understand where each variable, number and chart was coming from.  Her course built a great foundation for each type of problem which gave me confidence to take on the more challenging problems.


The problems in the course were simple but useful.  She took the time to explain what we had to do and how to look at the problem.  She teaches you how to problem solve not just how to get an answer which was great come test time.  She goes above and beyond with her course.  She not only provides you with the steps you need to solve the problems, she also helps build what I think are the more important tools needed to pass this test – mindset and confidence.  She makes it her purpose to guide you through her course along with creating a positive mindset around the material and building your confidence with each practice problem.  This was the biggest difference for me.  Graduating years ago, not working in the industry, failing the FE twice and purchasing a course that did not prepare me I had absolutely no confidence in myself that I could pass this test.  Kenza actually cares about her students and it shows in her work.  Her course changed my mindset and allowed me to build the confidence I needed to pass the FE.  

It had been some time since I took the classes listed in this course. With that being said, it was a quick refresher without delving too much on subjects (as taking the class again) but enough to understand them and solve problems. There are quick videos of problems and the solution given in the following video to give time to solve, along with some quick test tips and hints. I like that there is a comment section so students can ask questions, which are frequently addressed by instructors and fellow students, making it a comfortable learning environment. Having taken this course, along with countless other resources that were provided, I have finally passed my exam! I also would like to mention this was my second time taking the FE civil but did not have this course the first time. I’m sure this course could help others that were in a similar situation as well, as long as you put in the work and don’t give up.

If anyone is looking for an excellent foundation of problems, tips, and advice in order to pass the FE Exam, then the FE Civil Bytes Review Course is what you need! Initially for me, I was reluctant to purchase the course because I assumed it was like everything else being offered online, but once completing it, it’s obvious Kenza strategically handpicks each problem that will prepare you for the actual exam. Kenza displays where in the Manual you’ll find the formulas/info needed to solve each problem, which is extremely crucial since time is a major factor during the exam. Kenza also notes throughout the entire course possible concept questions that might arise on the exam, which is important because the new exam format has a relatively large amount of conceptual questions (I had about 30-35 on my exam). Overall, I recommend anyone looking to pass to take a leap of faith and purchase the FE Civil Bytes course – it is an excellent resource if you are looking to study and pass your FE exam. Personally, I can safely say that the FE Civil Bytes course is what gave me that additional boost needed to pass the exam and I will be forever grateful to Kenza and her course! 

Fluids was the most difficult course for me in school. I am surprised and pleased with my ability to follow the concepts and ultimately complete the problems.

The examples are very well thought out. Each example has been properly picked to re-enforce great concepts. I’m loving this course!

Thank you Kenza

I love the course till this section. It tries to have a lot of practice questions in each topic covering different ways of asking questions.

I passed my FE exam after 10 years being out of school, working in a different profession, on my first attempt. I used the course as a “final cramming session” to review concepts I may have forgotten because I studied it months ago. I had originally used Kenza’s YouTube videos to reinforce each subject, but I wanted to really dive-in to more problems. I especially thought Kenza’s explanations are simple to understand, and she correlates the location in the handbook, which is pivotal to the FE exam. I also like the format of introducing the question before showing the solution. As an engineer, it is important to struggle through the problems so that you will be able to tackle future problems you haven’t encountered before, like on the FE exam. A moderator actively responded to every question/comment I had which is much more than any other course I have taken. The closed Facebook group was also a huge support network. The only complaint I have, which is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5, is that I had surveying questions in the morning session, which was not covered in this course (yet?). On the positive side, it’s also lifetime access, and she frequently adds problems from what I hear.

I think this is the course that I was looking for. I think I am on the right track based on the math lesson. I have learned a lot. In the next three months I will be ready for the exam.

Thank you for guiding me along this hard path, but it was possible with you. My EIT certification was something that I had pending, and you gave me the motivation to take my FE EXAM for the fourth time. I wished that I knew your course for my first attempt. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU

If you want to pass the exam, take this course! Kenza really prepares you for the exam with realist exercises, starting from the base of every subject. I graduated in Brazil in 2017, so the basic stuff I saw like 10 years ago and I really didn’t remember anything. I took TestMaster, which was okay for the afternoon class but bad for the morning, I decided to take the exam in July and of course didn’t pass because of the morning session. So I decided to focus on the morning session, which was when I bought the FE Bytes – Morning Session and it was the best decision I ever made. I took the exam again in September (2020) and I passed! It is worth every penny spent, the course really prepares you for the exam. Kenza is a great teacher, walks us through the exercises, you can always ask her questions if you don’t understand something (I did it a lot!) and she will explain to you why and how, so you will be able to really understand the steps of each exercise. I really recommend the course, it is really good!

This course helped me get over the FE Civil Exam.  It’s been a long journey and challenge.  After using other courses and not being successful I found this course and It just changed my studying and learning.  I grasped so much more of the material.  Not only did the materials and study videos help but Kenza was there the whole time supporting me.  Her motivation tips and positivity was the best.  I enjoyed the whole process and would recommend anyone trying to pass the FE to take this course to get that passing result.  

The money and each minute that I spent on this course were worth it. The way Kenza explains each problem makes everything easy to understand, and all the problems are similar to the real exam. I passed on my second try and what makes the difference was this course. Also, I had the honor to talk with Kenza when I was overwhelmed, and she gave me some tips that made me feel confident again. Thanks, Kenza for all that you do.

I graduated Fall 2018 and I have attempted this exam 3 times, failing each time until I found this course on Youtube. I strongly believe I wouldn’t have been able to pass this exam without this material. I spent about 6 months reviewing this course and finally passed my FE Civil exam late August (2020). Kenza literally walks you through every step of the way, she will help you plan, motivate and explain this material so well. I also bought the Statics course, and I truly believe understanding Statics will help you understand any material. I personally struggled with moment of inertia, moment area, static friction and these were my strongest sections the day of the exam. If you are looking to succeed and need some material this is the course for you. If you are a second, third, fourth or even a first time test taker I guarantee you will pass with this material.