What are the requirements to take the FE exam?

Taking the FE exam is an essential step you have to take for a good launch in the profession of engineering. It adds value to your education and increases your chance of employment. However, in order for you to be admitted, there are specific requirements that all examinees should fulfill to take the exam. These requirements vary by country, and in the United States, they vary by state. If you reside in the US, you should know that every State Engineering Board has its own fee structure, educational requirements, and some other licensing guidelines.

However, there are some general conditions for examinees to be accepted for the FE exam. For instance, candidates should be enrolled or have completed an ABET-accredited program. ABET is a non-governmental and nonprofit agency that provides accreditation to programs in specific fields such as computing, natural science, and engineering. This accreditation ensures that the college program meets the high standards of the job that the program prepares students to. Yet, some states allow students to sit for the exam even if they haven’t attended an accredited university program. This is why you should always check with the regulations of licensing and engineering in your state. Remember that the requirements often change, and it’s the Engineering State Board who decides on it.

If you reside outside the USA, the rules also vary. As the NCEES has allowed a number of countries to administer the FE exam, such as Canada, Turkey, and Japan, you can sit for the exam outside the American territories. The criteria, policies, and processes related to the FE exam are different from one country to another. If you plan to take the exam in another country, you should check out this document issued by the NCEES in 2018 to see if you are eligible and whether you fulfill the minimum requirements needed to take the FE exam.


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