The New FE Exam: How the Civil FE has Changed as of July 2020

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The Civil FE Exam went through a major update in July of 2020, learn what the New FE Exam looks like before you start studying.

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As of July 1st, NCEES has updated the FE exam specifications, changing the categories, and reference handbook.

  • Math: Combined Math and Statistics are combined into one section and removed the topic about the root of equations.
  • Computational Tools: Removed entire section of Computational tools.
  • Dynamics: Removed topics about Impulse momentum.
  • Mechanics of Materials: Removed topics about composite sections.
  • Surveying: Removed topics about closure.
  • Water Resources and Environmental Engineering: Hydraulics and Hydrologic system sections are now combined into water resources and environmental engineering section. Environmental engineering is also part of the same.
  • Structural Engineering: Structural Analysis and Structural Design have been combined into one section. This section also included topics about column analysis that were formerly in the Mechanics of Materials section.
  • Geotechnical Engineering: Removed topics about drainage systems, flow nets, and geology.
  • Construction Engineering: Added topics about the interpretation of engineering drawings and removed constriction safety topics.

Always make sure that when you are studying for the FE, you are not spending time on material that will no longer be covered. Prepare for the FE in the best way by focusing on the information you actually need to know. 

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