Search Box Onscreen Reference Handbook

If you are taking the FE exam, the NCEES Reference Handbook will be provided to you, and it comes with its own search box. The Search Box Onscreen during the exam is an essential tool that you should utilize as it would help you find results quickly without having to go over the handbook page by page. However, familiarizing yourself with the handbook and its search box is vital to your success. If you already know how it looks and how to use it, there will be no surprises during the exam concerning the user interface, and you won't waste time figuring out how to use a tool. Instead, you'll use that time, concentrating on the 110 questions and problems. Most people would search for any document using "Ctrl+Shift." However, that doesn't show the full results. Recently, one of my students shared with me a tool that is similar to the search box in the FE exam. When I tried it myself, I remembered that it looks the same as the exam box. When I took the exam, it took a little bit of time to get used to the search box, which is why I'm sharing with you this tool so you won't face the same issue and you can get used to it while preparing for the exam. So when you are actually using it the day of the exam, you won't be challenged by any kind of surprises. Instead of "Ctrl+Shift" only, click on "Ctrl+Shift+F," and a bar will appear on your screen that allows you to search more efficiently throughout the document. You won't need to use this tool on the day of the exam, as you will already have the search box on your screen. However, it is beneficial in the preparation to have a similar screen to the exam so you'll get used to it and won't be distracted on the day of the exam. Not only that, but you'll also have a countdown timer that starts at 5h and 20 minutes and goes down.

The search box onscreen reference handbook is easy to use. For instance, if you click on" Darcy," which is pretty common as it's part of many equations in almost every topic, you will have a list of equations that have Darcy in them.  You will choose the right one depending on what you are dealing with: fluids, hydrology,...etc. You will find what you are looking for quickly based on the keywords in the results that appear.

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