A Simple Trick To Pass Your FE Exam!

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Studying for the FE exam can be quite hard and overwhelming, if not done correctly. This one tip that will help you do well in the FE exam is a cheat sheet.  When you start studying for your FE exam, make sure you create one.  Take a simple piece of paper and start writing down all the equations and things that you might forget. It is recommended that you have a cheat sheet for each subject. For example, if you are studying statistics, it is better to have all the equations related to it written separately from the ones related to dynamics. If you mix everything, it will confuse you later. Also, it would be best if you only wrote things that you’ll remember their meaning. You don’t want to look at something and wonder what it is or why did you write it down.

Your cheat sheet can include many things. First, the equations that you will have to remember, especially those not provided to you in the reference book. Second, it should also include units and how to convert them.  As you are studying for the FE exam, you will encounter many problems that you will add to your cheat sheet. Additionally, if you come across an example that might be in the FE exam or that you are worried you might forget it, write it down as well. However, it’s essential to keep it brief and straightforward because you don’t want to have too many examples or equations, but just the most important information.

To get the most out of it, review your cheat sheet before taking the practice exam, and the day before the actual exam.

Cheat sheets are a simple but handy trick that will help you pass the FE exam. It doesn’t matter if you just started studying or already halfway, cheat sheets will help you prepare better for the FE exam.

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