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For everyone who missed the Instagram Stories Q&A with CEO Kenza, here are the questions and answers. Be sure to reach out to us if you have your own questions and don’t forget to follow us on all social media for future Q&As.


For repeaters what’s your tip to be successful in the FE Exam?

The first thing I would look into is recourses. Are you using the right resources? Are you using resources that are actually helping you prepare for what to expect on the exam? The next thing I would look into is study habits and study techniques. Are you learning the right way and are you remembering the material? And are you constantly studying? Consistency is very important, I don’t recommend studying for 40 hours a week, but I do recommend studying for 1-2 hours every day and maybe 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday. Those are my recommendations!


Should I do the practice exam at the end of my studies or during?

I usually recommend to my students to take a full practice exam after completing the FE Bytes Morning course and another one when the complete studying for the afternoon! Sometimes, if they have more time, I recommend a 3rd one after reviewing everything.


What is your advice for studying the other subjects “missing” in the Morning Bytes?

In the FE Bytes course, there is a pdf file that has the topics to focus on for the afternoon and resources to use and there is also a file that has problems.


How to keep motivated? Especially when feeling down?

  1. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. If you need to take a break, do so. Take a hike, meditate, go for a run, do something to help you relax and get back some motivation. Don’t let studying get in the way of your mental health. You are important!
  2. You can try making a list of what you need to study and checking things off as finish them. You can see progress being made and it's super satisfying.
  3. A final tip for now; try mixing it up. Try studying in a new location, it can be outside, another room of your home, or a public space like a library or a café (if safe to do so).


What made you go into the Civil Engineering field?

I always had a great interest in buildings, but when I graduated from high school, I didn’t major in civil engineering, my first major was interior architecture but I didn’t like it and I really missed math. So, I change my major to math, but then I realized that there were a lot of theories and I wanted to be in a major where I could see how math is being applied. With my great interest in buildings and construction, I decided to go for civil engineering and I’m really glad I did!


1 to 10 what level of hard was the FE for you? Were you 100% prepared for it?

I took the FE exam in 2018 and I found it easy. A lot of the questions I had, were just plugging in the equation. But now the exam has changed, the FE exam is more difficult, and it has more conceptual questions. I didn’t feel like 100% ready, but I was like 80% I feel like you will never feel 100% ready because you are not sure what kind of questions you will get! So, I would study, take practice exams and just give it a try and see how it goes,


What do you recommend for the day before the exam? Keep reviewing?

I usually recommend my students to not do any new problems the day before the exam! You can review some problems, but you should just relax and do something to help you with stress like exercising, so you are mentally prepared for the exam!


Do you plan to make a PE Course?

I do but probably not this year! Right now, I am working on launching the FE Bytes Afternoon course, which could actually help with the PE Breadth.


When will you be launching the afternoon course?

I don’t have an exact date at the moment! But I am planning to launch part of the course in a few months! Also, once I have a date in mind, I will definitely keep everyone posted.


Where do we get practice FE/PE Exams?

You can sign up at www.engenieer.com and you will receive some practice problems and also tips on how to pass the FE Exam.

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