Is the TI-36X Pro allowed on the FE exam?

No matter which FE exam you are taking, you are going to need a calculator to fasten the process of calculating and solving questions, as the exam's time is limited. In fact, you're allowed to bring three types of calculators on the day of the exam: TI, HP, or an FX calculator. They are the only types approved by the NCEES. Choosing the right calculator can be tricky, but whatever calculator you decide to use the day of the exam, you should practice with it during preparation as well. Knowing the layout and the settings can save you time and errors. Some might say that the right calculator is your best friend on the day of the exam.

In fact, TI-36X Pro is one of the best calculators that can be used in the FE exam. It is one of the few approved calculators as it is manufactured by Texas Instruments. It has many benefits and settings that make it easy for examinees to enter formulas and solve issues. First, it solves equations. The calculator can find a variable in an equation and do all the algebra itself. It prevents small algebra mistakes and saves you time as it does the calculation by itself. Second, It displays the equation in both a stacked and unstacked fraction view. Most FE problems are solved in several steps; the TI-36X Pro allows you to store a variable during a step to use it later in another step of the same problem. Not only that, but it can convert units, solve matrices, vector problems, derivatives, and also integrals. TI-36X Pro has several settings and shortcuts that make it perfect for the FE exam and one of the finest non-programmable calculators in the market. In terms of price ratio, it ranges between $18-$25, which is a small price to pay for many benefits. You'll find many features in the TI-36X Pro calculator that will help you solve FE problems as quickly as possible.

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