What is the Benefit of Taking the FE Exam?

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During your college years, you have undoubtedly heard a lot about the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, maybe from your classmates or professors. If so, you might be asking yourself: Is the FE exam worth it? The short answer to that is: YES. 

The FE exam can benefit you as an engineering program graduate in so many ways. First, it’s a competency examination that is designed for students or graduates of EAC/ABET-accredited engineering programs. Passing the exam is proof that you didn’t cheat to get your degree, and you have acquired the essential knowledge to launch your career as an engineer. After you pass the exam, you officially become an engineer in training or an intern engineer. That title can have an important role in getting you a job. Employers look for motivated individuals who are eager to develop and grow as a professional. Considering that the FE is essential to apply for the PE licensure, it shows the interviewers that if they hired you, you would stick around for at least a few years. 

In most states, you can’t apply for the Principles and practice of engineering without being certified as an EIT, in addition to four years of work experience under a licensed engineer. That is to say; if you are ever considering becoming an official practicing engineer and/or opening your own firm, you can’t do that without passing the FE exam first. 

The Fundamentals of Engineering exam is not only worth it but necessary. It sets on the right path towards becoming a competent, skilled engineer. It also increases your chance of a better salary. 

If you are ready and set to apply for the exam, you need to choose a discipline and register through MyNCEES account. You can start preparing by reviewing the exam specifications of your discipline.

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