How many times can you take the FE exam?

Taking the FE exam can be quite stressful. It's a significant step on a journey to become the engineer that you always dreamed of becoming. For most people, before sitting for an exam, the biggest fear is failure. This fear can badly impact the way we prepare for the exam and our whole attitude, especially if the exam is a one time chance, and you can't sit for it another time. Luckily for you, if you are taking the FE exam anytime soon, that's not the case. You are allowed to take the FE once every two-months, up to three times per year. However, if you fail the exam, you have to book a new appointment in order to retake it. Many people may argue that the FE exam is the most critical step in your career as an engineer. Although it's highly important, it does not make-or-break you as an engineer. In fact, you can fail the exam many times and still make it one time. Or, you can be lucky from your first or second attempt.  If you don't pass the exam the first time you sit for it, you shouldn't feel like it's the end of the world. On the opposite, it's an opportunity to find out your pitfalls and where you went wrong and work on it before you apply again. Take the time to fix the issues you had, and work more on the questions and topics that were difficult and challenging for you.

Many reasons could contribute to failing the FE exam in the first attempt. For instance, many examinees try to solve all the issues manually, which results in mistakes or wasted time. Remember that you are always allowed to use a calculator, as you should. Also, not mastering the NCEES handbook before can cause a lot of issues. As you are allowed to use the handbook, you should read it beforehand and even ace it. If you are taking the FE exam for the first time, you should do your best to avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

Given the fact that you are allowed to take the FE exam three times a year, you shouldn't worry about failing. Instead, you should use that energy to better prepare for the exam.

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