FE exam format (2019)

Recently, one of my students passed the FE exam, and he told me that he got a lot of fill-in-the-blanks questions and not many multiple-choice questions.


It is important to know and understand the exam format, so you’ll be 100% ready for your test. If you visit this website and go to the bottom and click on View Demo, it’s going to show you how the FE screen is going to look like and will also show the FE format. It is definitely recommended that you go over it and get yourself familiar with it. It’s going to help you mentally prepare for the FE exam. On the view demo page, click next and follow the directions. For the exam screen, on the right side, you will have the questions, and the left side, the reference manual. The search box for the reference manual is a little bit different than what you are used to. The next section is the FE format. It gives you all the possible types of questions that can be included in the exam. The most common are multiple-choice, point and click, drag and drop, and fill-in-the-blanks. For the multiple-choice, it’s pretty simple. You just click on the right question and click next. However, be careful because sometimes you have to choose more than one answer. Fill-in-the-blanks can be quite tricky because you don’t have multiple choices, and it can be hard to guess. You are going to have to try your best and solve the problem. Drop-downs are not really common, but you should get yourself familiar with it. Hot spots are common as well. You might be given a graph, and you have to click where you have the maximum stress or something like that. Last is drag-and-drop, which is also common. In transportation, I was given 20 answers, and I had to drag only 5.

Another important thing to focus on is flagging questions. On top of the FE format page, you have a “ flag for review” button. If you need to see the flagged questions, you don’t need to hit previous and waste time because you’ll have the list of questions in the top left, and you can simply check the questions that you flagged before. When you answer a question, remember to unflag it, so you don’t have to go over it again.

Another thing that you will have on the FE screen is the timer. Be careful as the timer does not start at zero. It actually starts at 5h20min and goes down. 

If you want some practice problems or cheat sheets, visit my website, enter your email address, and I will send them to you along with some tips on how to tackle the FE exam.

Video URL => https://youtu.be/RhHUv_CMgxA

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