What Order are the Questions on the FE Exam?

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Taking the FE exam is a crucial event in the life of every engineer. Succeeding in the exam opens up more job opportunities for you and set you on the right path to becoming a licensed engineer. Considering the importance of the Fundamentals of engineering, every candidate needs to prepare very well for the exam and cover all the subjects. Luckily, the NCEES shares each discipline's exam specifications, which can help you stay on track during preparation. The document contains an outline of all the areas of knowledge and concepts included in the exam and the approximate number of questions covering each subject.
If you are about to take the exam any time soon, you must have many questions concerning the exam's format, such as the number and type of questions and whether they are classified by subject.
The exam is formatted similarly to the outline on the exam specifications. That is to say, questions that cover the same topics or concepts are put together. This classification helps you stay focused and solve problems in an organized manner.
The exam's total time is 6 hours, including a 25-minute break that you can't use as extra time for the exam. The questions are separated into two sections. After you complete the first half (55 to 56 questions), you hit "end session" on the screen. Once you do that, you can't go back to edit your answers. The time given to the two sections does need to be even. However, it is recommended that you give each section enough time.
However, knowing the exam format and the materials is not enough to get you through it. In fact, you need to go over the NCEES reference manual and familiarize yourself with it. It contains all the equations that you need to solve the problems in the exam. Being aware of where the equations are located can help with your speed.

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