FE Exam

How to apply for the FE exam?

The FE (The Fundamentals of Engineering) exam is the first of the two exams that engineers have to pass to become licensed. Applying for the FE exam is beneficial for engineering students and graduates on so many levels. If you have completed an EAC/ABET-accredited 4-year engineering program, or you are still enrolled in one, the next step for you should be applying for the FE exam. Even though there is no expiration date on when you can sit for the exam, it's better to do it while the materials and knowledge you acquired in your college program are still memorized...

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How many questions are on the FE exam?

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The FE exam is typically the first step in the process of getting the PE license. It’s a great way to start your career as an engineer. The exam is given in seven different disciplines. All disciplines have the same procedure and requirements for the exam. Since 2014, the exam has become entirely computer-based. It is offered in Pearson Vue approved testing centers across the country. The exam consists of 110 questions, given into two sections. The total time of the exam is 5 hours and 20 minutes, plus a 25 minutes break that you can take whenever you want....

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Does the FE exam expire?

The FE certificate is an important certification that every engineering graduate out there should have. It opens up many new opportunities job-wise, and it makes the journey towards PE licensure much easier, as having an FE is required to apply for the PE licensure. However, many engineers and graduates find themselves hesitant about taking the exam. Some find it unnecessary, as many jobs do not require the candidates to have an FE, and others believe that they may not need it any time soon. Luckily, the FE exam does not expire. If you sit for the exam and pass it...

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Does FE exam help get job?

After graduating from your engineering program, your next step should be applying for the FE exam. As the exam tests all the knowledge you acquired through college, it's important to have all those concepts and topics still fresh on your mind. Whether you plan to continue your postgraduate studies or start looking for a job, sitting for the FE exam can benefit your engineering career. First, when looking for jobs, The FE exam is an excellent addition to your resume or cv. It shows the employers that you have enough knowledge to launch your career in engineering. That "EIT" title...

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What happens if I fail the FE exam?

Our biggest worry when taking an exam is failing. It's totally natural to want to know your options. However, if you are taking the FE exam, that should be the least of your worries. Thankfully, you can take the FE exam many times. If you fail, you can apply and retake it. The NCEES generally allows candidates to take the exam three times a year, during a two-month window. Nevertheless, some licensing states' boards may have different policies, which is why you have to check with your State Licensing Board before you apply for the exam. Overall, examinees have several...

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